Friday, 9 October 2015

5 days, 5 hairstyles

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - 5 simple hairstyles for busy people on the go using only 3 hair accessories including a pair of straighteners. No day needs to be the same...

All week all I needed were these thin straighteners, a hair bobble and a hair clip. For an average week you want to keep it simple and easy, all can be done in under 5 minutes - Friday may take you longer but it's Friday - who cares?


After a busy weekend the last thing you want to do is a complicated hairstyle and the chances are your hair might be requiring a wash. This is were a twist up bun is the perfect option - it hides a multitude of sins! I twisted a ponytail round to secure the hair together and then wound it round and secured it with my hair clip. Easy peasy.


Monday night is my hair wash night, therefore I love a down do on a Tuesday. I have kept it simple and straightened my hair down to the end and then flicked the hair under for a very soft look.


A high ponytail is one of my favourite looks, it frames your face perfectly. I don't like a severe pulled back look but soft and swept back is the way to go - perfect for second day hair.  I have secured this up with a hair bobble.


I wash my hair every 2 days, I have a lot of hair so this is really all I can handle. So, I have decided to go for a twist on my down do and clip half up to pull it away from my face. I prop the top of my hair up a little bit to give it a little height before putting the clip in.


Friday deserves something a little more special so in 2 layers I have curled, using my straighteners soft curls which I then brushed through with my fingers to loosen the curls.

There you have it - 5 very simple and easy looks for 5 days. For the weekend it is time to be fun and play around with hairstyles. Stay tuned for weekend hair!

Happy Friday!!

Styling Happiness xoxo


  1. Love the half up look! Fun post:)

  2. I love a high pony but my hair always looks to short and fluffy. Your hair looks gorgeous x