Thursday, 1 October 2015

Bacon and Blue Cheese Salad Recipe

I am obsessed with Bacon and Cheese, they are two of my favourite things in life. Sadly life isn't fair and I have to limit my intake in order to stay healthy. This is where the Bacon and Blue Cheese Salad came from... I can have my favourite things and be healthy at the same time! It is so simple but tastes amazing and gives you the required nutrients to keep you fighting fit! Here is a step by step on how to throw it together (you need 10 minutes tops!).

Per person I use 2 rasher of Bacon, I make it as crispy as possible as it gives a good crunch in the salad. When it is cooked, I remove the fat, blot the liquid fat with kitchen towel and then cut into small pieces using kitchen scissors.

For the salad leaves I use pepper babyleaf rocket salad, the greener the better!

And then of course to compliment the salad 2 sides of a pepper per person. Red are my favourite and also add a little extra colour!

Finely chop the pepper and throw it into the salad with the Bacon.

Now cut a chunk of Blue Cheese and crumble this over the salad.

I love to use Balsamic vinegar to finish it off, it goes great with the Bacon and Blue Cheese. If you feel like this won't fill you up enough, try adding half a chopped avocado and if you are feeling daring add a few drops of Tabasco sauce to give it that extra kick!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, have any variations? Leave a comment!

Styling Happiness xoxo

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